Zvonimir Buric is a speaker at MM18HR with a Case study: Emma Mattress – Magento on the AWS Cloud and he has a piece of advice for Magento developer wannabes

Back in the days, Zvonimir was an Inchooer. He was a part of a team that developed one of the Inchoo’s first responsive sites for our clients! It was for Zee & Co. We feel like it was a century ago! Zvonimir found his new home in Germany in 2013, so we were really excited when he contacted us for a speaking position at Meet Magento Croatia.

He always showed a deep understanding of the Magento platform, and with his special skill where he can explain complex matters in a simple way, we’re sure you will enjoy his Case study of Emma Mattress and challenges they had with moving it to the AWS colud.

Hi Zvonimir! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello Maja! First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a speech at MM18HR and to participate in this interview. I started working with Magento at Inchoo back in 2012, while I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in computer science here at University of Osijek. That was actually my first contact with Magento. I did some C programming in my high school. I found it very interesting and after that PHP was piece of cake for me. Right now I live and work in Germany. When I don’t work I spend time with my family.

How did you decide to start a career in IT?

Well, I could say I never made an official decision. It was a natural development of me being a programmer. First I wrote the code for fun, then I tried to earn some money as a freelancer during my studies. I think that was the point when I realized I can make a living from programming.

At Bettzeit Group, you lead a software development team and take care of the whole technology stack of the company’s three Magento shops. Can you share with us how your “normal/everyday” work looks like?

After arriving to the office I make a coffee, of course 😀 Then I read my emails and check my calendar for that day and finally I dive into the tech stuff. Often I participate in different meetings. They are usually about new features, scaling, optimizing, automating, preparing for further growth etc. When I have time I also do coding.

“Case study: Emma Mattress – Magento on the AWS Cloud” is a presentation you prepared for MM18HR. What’s it about?

I will talk about the challenges we had with moving one of our Magento shops to the AWS cloud. I will explain why we decided to go to the cloud. Main topics will be deployment in the multi-server auto-scaled environment, auto scaling, using Amazon Aurora relational database service, Redis cluster, CDN, cron job synchronization. I hope my case study will help some companies/individuals in the migration to AWS.

We are surrounded by young developers who are interested in Magento. What would you advise to them? From where to learn, on what to pay special attention to?

Apply for a job at Inchoo! 🙂 Inchoo has really good Magento developers that are also good educators. I am very thankful and happy that I was able to start my professional career at Inchoo.

Besides that, I would say: work hard, be detail oriented and try to understand what you are doing and the success will come.

Thank you Zvonimir for this interview! We are sure that Meet Magento Croatia delegates will enjoy your interesting topic.

Make sure to see what other presentations and speakers await you at #MM18HR!

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