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Error when reindexing Catalog URL Rewrites in magento admin

[tblock anim=”swing” tcuscolor=”#0022ff” title=”Error when reindexing Catalog URL Rewrites in magento admin” tag=”h2″/]
[tblock anim=”bounceOutDown” tcuscolor=”#962e2e” title=” Follow the following steps for the reindexing Catalog URL Rewrites in magento:” tag=”h4″/] [accordiongroup type=”1″ anim=”rubberBand” ][accordion title=”Open CMD or Xampp Shell Command window.”]see image given below[/accordion][accordion title=” Connect with database phpmyadmin MySQL.”]

command is:

mysql -u root -p

pres enter after asked password then enter password(if you have set password )

if you have not set password for phpmyadmin mysql then press enter again its automatically connect with the database

if you have set the password then type this command like this :

mysql -u root -p

pres enter button after you will get the message please enter your password:


press enter it will be connected ok

[/accordion][accordion title=”Select Databases “]

type query

show databases;

after you will see multiple database

next command is

use databasename(grocery) ; [/accordion][/accordiongroup]

An error occurred while saving the URL rewrite magento

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