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how to pass multiple collections query in single route in node js ?

var with_title = config.with_title; var top_destinations_in_the_us_result; var people_search_for_result; var recommended_estinations_result; var us_beach_vacation_destinations_result; var us_solo_vacation_destinations_result; var us_family_vacation_destinations_result; //@ Tripinn index/home page. exports.home = function(req, res) { async.parallel([ //Load user Data function(callback) { var top_destinations = 'Top Destinations in The US'; trpn_city_pages_category_relation.find({selected_categories:top_destinations.trim() },function(err, top_destinations_in_the_us) { if (err) return callback(err); top_destinations_in_the_us_result = top_destinations_in_the_us; …

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