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On the road again – heading off to Imagine!

Every year, Imagine is aiming for the new heights. I mean, 150+ speakers with top names from the industry, 3000 attendees and Phillip Jackson as Master of Ceremonies? What could beat that?!

Twitter feed is filled with #MagentoImagine and #RoadToImagine posts, and they are a delight to watch. The community is showing its strength once again. We can’t say this enough, but there is no community like Magento community! Am I right or am I right?

At Inchoo, we try our best to show our support to as many Magento events we can, and we’re even organizing some of them again this year (Meet Magento Croatia 2018), so we’ll make no exception for Imagine. Our Project Manager Antonija Tadic is packing her suitcases and heading off to Vegas. Of course, one of the suitcases will be empty so she can bring conference goodies for the rest of us. 🙂

Since life is too short for long interviews, we did a quick scan through her plans for Imagine.

Antonija, will this be your first Imagine? What are you expecting from it?

Indeed, this will be my very first Imagine and I’m going solo. So, it’s going to be one big adventure to say the least. But I’m very excited that this opportunity was given to me, and I want to use it the best I can. At the same time, I don’t want to set some huge expectations for myself. I’m looking forward to gain some valuable contacts, meet with partners, listen to keynote speakers (especially Jamie Foxx 🙂 ). And of course, feel this big community vibe and have some fun with all of these people that breathe Magento!

What are you looking forward to the most from keynotes and sessions?

A lot of things, actually. If you look at the speakers list, you will notice many female speakers. As a woman whose passion is the empowering and motivating other women, seeing that many successful women speakers at Magento conference is something I’m very proud of and excited about. Most of them, I haven’t been able to meet before, so I’m looking forward to listening their speeches and meeting them during the conference.

Did you see a #tipsForImagine? You have been on many conferences, what would be your No1 for surviving an event like Imagine?

You should ask me that again when I’m back! 🙂

Businesswise, I would say to prepare well and be social. I think these two are very important. I’ve found this dotmailer’s article very informative – A quick guide for Imagine 2018 for making the most of the event.

Not business related – bring the sunscreen and comfy shoes. Combination of desert and walking on Strip exploring the city is a winning combination for sunburns and sore feet!

Since this is your first time in Vegas, what are you planning to visit and experience there?

I will not have much free time so I will plan my time wisely. I definitely want to explore Las Vegas as much as I can and feel the vibe of the city. Have a blast at some entertainment shows that Vegas is full of, and if there is enough time – visit Grand Canyon during the last day of the trip.

If you have any suggestions where Antonija should go as a tourist in Vegas, or you wish to meet with her at the conference, leave us a comment bellow, or follow her on Twitter.

Antonija, bon voyage! Send us lots of pictures! Mingle, and have fun, that’s what conferences are for!

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