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Shane Osbourne on the stage of MM18HR with “The Road to PWA – what to do right now”

Shane will be joining us on the Meet Magento Croatia 2018 stage in Osijek, Croatia with the presentation “The Road to PWA – what to do right now”. This talk addresses an increasingly common question: What can we do right now to prepare for a PWA future?

In this interview, meet Shane and read a thing or two about his view on PWA that he’ll generously share on #MM18HR stage.

Hi there! Can you let us know a thing or two about you? Who are you, what do you do and how did you end up in IT?

Hi I’m Shane – from Nottingham, England. I’m the lead Frontend developer at JH.

I have a deep interest in all types of programming and problem solving, which is probably why I get involved in so much Open Source work!

My journey into the IT industry was a rather unconventional one. I was entering my 11th year in a totally different type of career with a family business when I decided to re-train and become a developer. I had offered to build a website for a family member without actually knowing how to do it and in the process of learning I quickly realised how much I loved to write code! I spent a number of years reading books and doing online courses in my spare time… and rest, as they say, is history.

What will you be sharing with the audience at Meet Magento Croatia and how have you decided to submit this particular topic?

The buzz around the ‘PWA’ future has sparked a new-found enthusiasm for Magento and its upcoming Frontend – something we are also extremely excited by!

It does however leave a huge question mark hanging over all the existing M2 implementations out there (not to mention the ones being signed as we speak). It’s going to be a long, long time before every site we build is a Single Page PWA, so how do we work towards it?

My talk will present ways to improve the performance of the *existing* platform in ways no-one would think is possible. The improvements get close, and sometimes out-perform, some of the best PWA demo’s out there at the moment.

Who will benefit most from your presentation?

Mainly developers – especially those interested in pushing the limits of what Magento can offer right now. Improving the performance of the current platform is an extremely interesting technical problem, so anyone looking for a challenge would find it very interesting!

You are a regular contributor to many open source projects. Where do you find the will and the time for it?

Put simply, programming is my hobby. It’s also the thing that puts my mind at ease and helps me to relax – that means that any spare time I get outside of work & family commitments is happily spent writing code either for Open Source or paid work.

To those who will not be able to participate at MM18HR, what would be the NO1 key takeaway from your presentation?

Whether it’s the current platform, or the PWA future – focus first on performance, let the other features and buzzwords follow. If you skip the focus on performance, you’re not being true to the promised PWA future.

Thank you Shane! We can’t wait to host you at the #MM18HR stage!

If you are also interested in contributing with your expertise as a speaker, feel free to apply for our Call for Speakers!

And if you are more a participant-type of person, hurry up and get your ticket!

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