Alexander Kosarau from Amasty is coming to #MM18HR with a topic “eCommerce solutions worldwide: working with local markets”

Alexander Kosarau is a Magento Support Manager at Amasty, as his job involves analyzing stats and collecting product improvement features where some cases are specifically challenging since they are narrowly local based he will be talking about “eCommerce solutions worldwide: working with local markets“. The combination of people-related skills and studying to become Master of Science in Mathematics puts him in his own league. How does he incorporate those two together, what did he want to be when he was young, and why you don’t want to miss his presentation – read in the interview!

Hello Alexander! First of all, I would like to ask you to say a thing or two about yourself, just so all of us could get a glimpse into who is Alexander?

Hello Borna! Well, I think that happiness is a state of activity. Here are my two core activities in life.

The first one is being a Master of Science in Mathematics student. I attend classes and I write my graduate paper. My education schedule is flexible (I call it “agile”), so I am able to work. The second huge part is my job. I help clients of Amasty with their ongoing issues. I am taking steps to solve their problems and prevent troubles in the future.

How come that you decided to work at a people-oriented job while your field of study is primarily focused on Mathematics? It may be just one of those prejudices, but I hardly do see any distinctive correlation between those two.

I agree that it looks unusual and my colleagues always ask me about this. I’ve always tended to be a people person with generalist knowledge of things.When I was 16, I considered finding a people-oriented occupation, maybe a lawyer or journalist. I was surrounded by friends and family members who were math- and science-related people. They inspired me to enter the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty.

Some people think that mathematicians are boring, but it is not true. My university years is the brightest thing that has ever happened to me.

Why have you decided to submit this particular topic?

The thing is my job is not just replying to support questions. Also, I am responsible for analyzing stats and collecting product improvement features. My math background helps me a lot in this.

We carefully listen to the clients’ business needs. Still, some cases that I face are too local, which makes them a real challenge. I found that there is something I can speak about. So, I wondered whether it made sense to develop Magento modules for a narrow target audience. And I found out that local markets indeed offer great opportunities for e-commerce solution vendors.

For those who will not be able to participate at MM18HR, what would you like to emphasize as the most important thing in your presentation that you would like everyone to know?

I believe that my presentation is the most important for those who have just started their business. If your product is compliant with local market demands, you are likely to sell more products and build stronger relationships with your customers.

As you can see, we’re going to have great speakers with very educational presentations joining us at #MM18HR, so hurry up and get your ticket! This event is a place to be for everyone that’s in eCommerce and Magento world!

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