Mladen Lotar will be joining us on #MM18HR stage with “Production grade PWA”

We are very proud to present one of our ex-coworkers – Mladen Lotar who will be joining us at Meet Magento Croatia 2018 stage with his assessment of the “Production grade PWA”. With a couple years of experience in developing PWA’s, he is more than eligible to talk about its history as well as giving the future overview.

Hi Mladen! For those who are not familiar with you, could you share more about yourself?

Sure – I’m a full stack developer for 5 years or so with over 10 years of professional development experience. That’s enough, right? 😀

As an ex-Inchooer, how does it feel to cooperate with us after all those years? 🙂

Right in the feels! 😀

Joking aside, feels great! There’s still a bunch of people in Inchoo that I’m in touch with so it really doesn’t feel like it’s been years.

How and when did you decide to pursue the career in IT, and how (and why) did you start working with Magento?

How I started? At age of 13, I had my first website deployed (oh the FTP era). In the same year I’ve found PHP 3 – and that was my initial development experience – the rest is history.

My first Magento experience was at Inchoo actually – was challenging to learn internals at times, but it made me a better developer.

Since you’ll be talking about the history as well as the future overview of the PWAs, could you tell us more about your experience with it?

Well, 6 years ago or so I moved to California to work at a startup there – that’s where I’ve started working with React. While it was a lot to process the idea of “client-side applications” in a web from my perspective (was primarily back-end developer back then) it was worthwhile.

Fast forward to 3 years ago – I’ve been working mainly with Toptal and Gigster networks on over 30 projects – and it was eye-opening. Each of the projects obviously had own specific requirements but more and more of them wanted PWA – and I’ve built quite a few ever since.

This year I’ve decided to merge own company with Trive to combine Trive’s Magento day to day experience with our custom application development experience – the result is one of first PWA Magento stores in the world.

For those who will not be able to participate at MM18HR, what will be the main idea of your presentation that you would like people to remember?

If I had to put it in a single sentence: “Traditional web development is dying – if you want to stay competitive you need to follow the trends, and at this point in time I see PWAs as a huge trend”.

Oh, almost forgot about self-promotion 😀

One of first (if not the first) Croatian Magento PWA live is done by Trive where I lead the development 😉

Join us on 28th and 29th of September in Osijek at Meet Magento Croatia 2018. Grab your ticket for a standard price while you still can!

In the meantime, you can see who and what you can expect to see and hear there. We promise you that it will really be worth your time!

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