Meet Magento Croatia 2018 recap with presentations and photos

The words, the photos, the video – not even all those things combined could sufficiently convey the incredible atmosphere that was created around Meet Magento Croatia 2018! This year, almost 230 delegates from 17 countries came to Osijek! Developers, agencies, merchants, we all gathered to meet Magento and to meet and greet each other. We at Inchoo are beyond honoured to have had the privilege to welcome everyone in our hometown!

For three days, Osijek was a warm host all the way from Contribution day and pre-party at Inchoo office to the two-day conference and the boat party.

Contribution day and pre-party

Under the technical leadership from Magento’s Community Engineering team represented by Volodymyr Zaets and Eugene Shakshuvarov, developers and Magento enthusiasts gathered in our lounge room not just to contribute, but also to discuss developer activities and challenges they face every day. It was a productive event, followed by pre-party later that evening.

Pre-party was originally planned as a small gather-up of MM18HR delegates who arrived to Osijek, but it went beyond every expectation! Our office was filled with great people from all over the world, ready to mingle and enjoy a relaxed evening among the like-minded crowd. Our acoustic guitar player has felt the vibe to tune things up a little bit and got this party started. It started as a pre-party, and it soon transformed to a full-on party that, for some, ended well after the curfew!

MM18HR presentations, boat party and MageRun

During the official opening of Meet Magento Croatia 2018 event, our CEO Tomislav Bilic officially welcomed everyone to the conference, followed by Tomislav Krolo, Head of Department of Economy at City of Osijek, who gave us remarkable local government support.

Ignacio Riesco, CEO and founding partner of Interactiv4 greeted us all in front of Meet Magento Association, and Sherrie Rohde shared a few words as the representative of the greatest eCommerce open source platform – Magento (An Adobe Company). 🙂

It would be ungrateful to single out just some of the really great speakers and experts that took the #MM18HR stage, because there were more than 35 of them, so we would like to THANK THEM ALL once again, for taking things to the next level, giving real development and business life examples, answering all the questions from the audience, and sharing the knowledge in general.

To get a feeling of what the presentations were about, browse through Twitter’s #MM18HR hashtag. It sums up well some of the key takeaways, and you can also read interviews with the speakers on the conference website.

Since you’ve asked for it, :::HERE::: you can access and download the presentations. Hope they’ll come in handy.

After the full day of filling our heads with new (and some familiar) how-tos, we headed out to the boat on the Drava river to party! DJ played our favorite songs, the ones we all know and love to move our hips to!

The morning of the MM18HR day two started with traditional MageRun. It was a beautiful route, 5km on the promenade of Drava river.

Presentations and panels were exciting, and we closed the conference with an award for the best Croatian Magento online store! It was the first one of this type ever awarded in Croatia, and it went into the hands of the Svijet vode. Congratulations!

Meeting Osijek, Inchoo’s hometown

We think that Meet Magento conferences are about meeting the platform, meeting the community, but also meeting the city the conference is in.

So we prepared a guided tour of the city of Osijek, which included an outdoor theater experience entitled Living History that revives the legends of our city in an interesting and innovative way. Almost 40 delegates enjoyed the tour.

Final thoughts

On a personal note, I’m thrilled to see the numbers shown below. Women of Inchoo contributed a great deal to this conference, and I’m so happy to have seen so many amazing women take the stage at this type of an event.

Granted, this should not be something to brag about, or even mention as it should be a standard, not a deviation from the norm. But, until then – I’m happy to share this as something very positive in the Magento community.

We are so appreciative to all the attendees, speakers, sponsors and Inchoo team members who worked hard to make it all happen!

The video

Relive the conference again, or see what you’ve missed in our official aftermovie and photos!

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