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Product is not showing on category page in magento 2.0.7

To show the product, check if the product following options:

  1. General->Status = Enabled
  2. general->Visibility = Catalog,Search
  3. Inventory->Qty > 0
  4. Inventory->Stock Availability = In Stock
  5. Websites = checking your site
  6. Catgories = checking your category.

If you want checking product to subcategory, go to Catalog->Manage Categories->Select your category, open tab Display Settings and change option Is Anchor to “Yes”. Save category.

Magento catalog categories (or product categories) can be managed through the page Manage categories in the Magento Admin Panel. For each category you can determine the option Is Active. But an active category does not neccessarily show up in the shop. It has to be part of a Root Catalog category that is actually assigned to a specific Magento scope.

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