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December, 2016

  • 31 December

    Develop Locally, Use Images from Production

    Apache rewrite rules

    Working on your website locally means having the files that make your website tick right there on your computer. It’s common those files live in a version control repository. You work on them, and push them up to the repo when you are ready. Other people work too, and you …

November, 2016

  • 27 November

    how to URL rewriting with Github Pages

    You can do  easily URL rewriting with Github Pages. you read whole post understand completely. I adore Github Pages. I use them for everything I can, and try to avoid server-side code like the plague, exactly so that I can use them. The convenience of pushing to a repo and …

  • 13 November

    how to setting WordPress on Amazon EC2

    Step 1: Create an AWS Account Step 2: Create an Instance To create a new instance, access the AWS Management Console and click the EC2 tab: Choose an AMI in the classic instance wizard: I chose the Basic 32-bit Amazon Linux AMI. Instance details: Select the Instance Type you want …

May, 2016

  • 26 May

    How to hack wordpress via wp-config?

    How to hack wordpress via wp-config?

  • 24 May

    How to url redirect with another url in .htaccess file?

    How to url redirect with another url in .htaccess file? Copy the code and past in root folder .Htaccess  file . Redirect 302 /jewellry-photography http://www.circulatetechnology.com/ Redirect 302 /http:www.google.com http://www.circulatetechnology.com/ example like: http://www.circulatetechnology.com/jewellry-photography redirect on http://www.circulatetechnology.com and http:www.google.com it will be redirect on http://www.circulatetechnology.com  

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