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how to Add category attribute programmatically in Magento 2

Add category attribute programmatically in Magento 2

Despite the good amount of attributes offered in Magento by default, there is often a need to add some new ones to the system for a particular EAV entity. Today I’m going to show you how to programmatically add a new category attribute. In order to do any of the following steps you …

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How to overriding classes in Magento 2


Compared to its previous version, Magento 2 came out with a new concept of dependency injection where classes inject dependencies (different objects) for an object instead of that object manually creating them internally. That way overriding and manipulating with classes is much easier and allows us more ways of extending …

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How to change the admin url or wp-admin to secure login?


Want to reduce the possibility of your website been hacked or hijacked? With this plugin you can change wp-admin and wp-login.php to any of your choice, making it impossible for the hackers to access your administration login page. Instead of http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ and http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php you can have http://yourdomain.com/admin or http://yourdomain.com/banana Steps: …

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BHIM App Launched PM Narendra Modi for Cash-less, Says World Will Google For It: Read 10 Truth


New Delhi:  In keeping with his push to steer India towards a digital economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a new e-wallet app, BHIM, named after founding father Dr BR Ambedkar, to make it easier to transact online. The Aadhaar-based mobile payment application will allow people to make …

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Develop Locally, Use Images from Production

Apache rewrite rules

Working on your website locally means having the files that make your website tick right there on your computer. It’s common those files live in a version control repository. You work on them, and push them up to the repo when you are ready. Other people work too, and you …

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Mac OS Designing for “Show scroll bars”


In macOS, users have the ability to set when they want to see scrollbars in windows. This affects all windows in the operating system, including in web browsers. They have three choices: Automatically based on mouse or trackback9f When scrolling Always Which means you are either in a state where …

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How to Correct An Error of the Fotorama Module in Magento 21


As you know, Magento 2 has a defect, which is present at 2.1.2. as well as in the previous versions. This is a problem related to vertical rolling of the product image on the product’s details page. This is the mobile devices module — Fotorama. When we try to scroll …

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Diagram of the systems connected to build Jarvis.

MARK ZUCKERBERG to challenge for 2016 was to build a simple AI to run my home — like Jarvis in Iron Man. My goal was to learn about the state of artificial intelligence — where we’re further along than people realize and where we’re still a long ways off. These …

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WordPress Moving Toward SSL, In WordPress Version 4.7


We’re at a turning point: 2017 is going to be the year that we’re going to see features in WordPress which require hosts to have HTTPS available. Just as JavaScript is a near necessity for smoother user experiences and more modern PHP versions are critical for performance, SSL just makes …

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January 24, 2017

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